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What are we looking for?

The Argumentative Indians opinion section is about driving unbiased opinions and promoting dialogue. 

We invite you to write an informative research piece or a thought-provoking opinion piece on themes such as History, Art & Culture, Foreign Policy, Politics, Economy, Society, and Environment. 

All viewpoints are welcome. We look for originality, fresh perspective, and creative flair. 

What are the basic guidelines?

Article Pitches should be no longer than 1500 words. Please familiarise yourself with the published articles in our opinion section to get a sense of the themes, approaches and the style that appeal to our readership.

What's in it for you?

1. Getting published is a chance for your opinion/research piece to be exposed to the biggest national and international authors, scholars, historians, bureaucrats, politicians, and policy makers exclusive to Argumentative Indians. 

2. Get published in our weekly newsletter subscribed by 5000+ intellectually curious individuals. 

3. Certificate of Recognition as a 'Contributing Writer' on Argumentative Indians Platform. 

4. Get an exclusive invite to interact face-to-face with your favorite expert. 

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